Cool Secret Weapon May Preview

Been taking thing slow after my commissioned projects. Sorting out leftover work and been painting little bitz here and there also.

Saw this video preview for Secret Weapon new May release, I am excited. Was thinking of getting some weathering powder, but after I saw the May release, think I will wait for the May release to save the shipping. There are awesome new bases in the release. The ones with the skull are cool, and the corpses field base are more awesome! Of recent I have been sort of interested in 120mm bases as well. Thinking its a good base for a small diorama for some of my projects.

The things that got me all excited are the tree stump, the fallen leaves and the bricks. All these are good for building diorama. The tree stump and leave will definitely be good for building a small garden sort of theme. And those bricks, what can I say. I have always love building bricks. My Kingdom Death Game Hunter, my modern US marines and my Hasslefree miniatures, all I had enjoyed building the walls with blue foam. Now there are tiny brick, I will have a good time building walls for diorama, haha. Cant wait to get my hands on those… Cheers!

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