Kingdom Death – Great Game Hunter

My last bits of fine tuning and touching for my Kingdom Death Great Game Hunter took longer than expected. Now it’s finally all done up and uploaded for the Kingdom Death painting Contest. Other entries can be seem here as well. For now, I guess I will just have to wait for the results in a few weeks time.

Now, painting Kingdom death miniature has been a very exciting and fun experience. I truly had lot of fun painting the excellently detailed and smoothly sculpted miniature. After trimming and touching up the miniature, I had it washed in some soap water and rinsed. Base coated black as usual and continued the painting process after which.

I have been pondering the colour scheme for Great Game Hunter since I got my miniatures, but finally I decided to follow the colour scheme of the illustration on the printed card that came with the miniature. The illustration is well illustrated and its colour scheme is just too good to resist. See the details in my review here.

Now the story, I visioned the Great Game Hunter herself getting ready in her castle and for the great hunt. Her slave servant brought her prized crossbow to her as she is ready in her sacred circle of hunt. She can feel the slow fading heat from the setting sun through the stain glass behind her as she reached for the her crossbow.

kingdom death great game hunter

kingdom death great game hunter

It took me a while to decide what to do with the base though. Finally with the story and vision in mind, I decided to build a wall with a stain glass window as she gets ready for the big hunt. The wall is built with blue foam and the stain glass is built with brass wire and painting gel, along with the moasic on the base is hand painted. More about the stain glass later on.

miniature stain glass

Building the base was as exciting as painting the Great Game Hunter. When I had her finished and the base all done with up, secured glued to the base, I can really feel the story coming true and vision the Great Game Hunter getting ready for the hunt. It’s all so surreal…

Definitely lot of fun and had a great time painting Kingdom Death miniatures. Then, hmm, what would my story for Preacher pin-up be? Haha, back to more painting… Cheers!

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