40k Thousand Sons Scarab Occult Terminators

When Games Workshop released the new Thousand Sons, though I am not into collecting them, I can only wish that I had those new miniatures to paint with. And wow, my wish came true, one of my clients wanted to start the new Thousand Sons army. Definitely was an excitement moment for me to get my brushes and paint ready.

The first project to start was the Scarab Occult Terminators. The terminators were awesome and fun to assemble. The only setback was the poses for the terminators, a bit far too stiff looking, if only they are in a more dynamic pose. Other than that, the details were amazing.

Scarab Occult Terminators

Scarab Occult Terminators

Client wanted a different colour scheme from the Game workshop ones for his Terminators squad. Started off with the colour scheme, Baldes of Magnus, from the codex. Its the reversed style from the default Game workshop painted ones. The main colour was painted with gold and the outline and trim were in Citadel Thousand Sons Blue, followed by highlight of Citadel Ahriman Blue.

Well, though the Terminators pose were a bit stiff, but once painted they looked amazing as a squad, as always.

A New Toy for Upgrade

Towards the end of last year, finally I decided to plunge into the world of airbrush. One of the main reason that was stopping me from getting a airbrush was the space constraint I have in my Painting Shop room. There was just no space for a compressor in my room.

sparmax arism viz

Guess the timing was right, and there was this new small portable compressor that sit perfectly on my painting desk workshop. I got a Sparmax ARISM VIZ. Its a nicely compact designed compressor, as compared to those odd looking cylindrical shape type, with just the perfect size that sits on my painting desk. For the performance, so far its been good, along with good constant pressure performance. The pressure levels for this small compressor is good enough for what I am doing, mainly small amount of base coating and highlighting of miniatures only.

The ARISM VIZ has a smart stop feature where you can rest the airbrush and the compressor pause. To best use this feature, the compressor had to be place on the edge of a desk so that the airbrush can rest on the holder with it air host dangling freely. Due to space constraint I had to place my compressor towards the inside of my desk, which when I rest my airbrush on the smart stop holder, it does not activate the smart stop feature easily. This is due to the airbrush / air host holding upward to prevent which the airbrush from resting firmly on the holder to activate the smart stop (see the illustration below). This is the only setback I had, other than this, its a wonderful compressor to start with.


For the airbrush, I got a Harder & Steenbeck Ultra 2 in 1 series. Its a starter or beginner airbrush. If you are starting airbrushing, I would highly recommend this starter airbrush. For a starter brush, I would say the performance is good, smooth and consistent. The other good thing is the way the brush is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Stripping it and cleaning is a breeze I must say. Guess as my skill improves, my next dream is the Infinity Series…

I am still painting…

Death Guard Deathshroud TerminatorsApologies for the short disappearance. Brushes and paint still goes on in my life journey. Times flies and we are already in the 3rd month of the year 2017.

I have been busy with work and juggling with usual amount of commission projects. Most of my time after work is being spent with paint and brushes. Of recent, I guess these times have been all about commission projects. Just when I finished one, another one comes along nicely. Sure feels like the Emperor is watching, ha ha.

Come to think of it for this year 2017 so far, I have not painted any of my own projects. Guess they always say, customer first, ha ha ha! Cheers!

40k Blood Angels and Death Company Assault Squad

I have 2 clients having 40k Blood Angels army. In other words, guess I have been painting or will be painting quite a lot of Blood Angel Space Marines.

Death Company and Blood Angels assault squad, death from the sky! The Blood Angel assault squad was done in the usual shade of Blood Angel colours. Based it with Citadel Mephiston Red and washed it with Carroburg Crimson. Next, its highlighted with Mephiston Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet.

blood angel assault squad


death company assault squad

death company assault squad

Black I would say, its one of the most challenging shade to paint for a Space Marine. I blended and the edges of the Death Company Space Marines with Citadel Administratum Grey and Chaos Black. Thereafter, the edges were edge highlighted with white to give a more sharper feel. Think I will have more Death Company to paint in the coming projects… Cheers!

40k Eldar Windraiders

Completed this squad of Eldar Windraiders a while back. Totally forgotten all about it until I was sorting out my photos. Recalled this was a urgent project and the Windraiders came and left.

eldar windraiders

eldar windraiders

Had the squad of Windraiders painted in the same blue colour scheme as client’s Eldar squad colour. The Eldar pilot was done in a grey shade and a white helmet design.

The stripe design on the Windraiders I had to mask it with a Tamiya masking tape forming a V shape design, thereafter, painting the stripe design with a thinned down grey and then highlighted it with white. Though I painted the stripe with thinned paint over few layer, I still get a little of painted built up at the edges of the masking. After the removal of the masking tape, with a little clean up with extra fine sandpaper, everything looks good to roll out! Cheers!

40k Space Wolves Bjorn The Fell-Handed

I guess this had to my first 40k Space Wolves project. Completed this Space Wolves Dreadnought Bjorn The Fell-Handed a while back. The colours were standard Space Wolves design which was nothing to shout about. I added battle damages and paint chipped on random areas of the dreadnought. The back of the dreadnought had be to weathered with black weathering powder from Secret Weapon miniatures to give an engine grinding feel.

space wolves bjorn the fell handed

space wolves bjorn the fell handed

space wolves bjorn the fell handed

A snow themed based was requested by client. For the snow, it was a mixture of army painter snow, PVA glue and baking soda powder. I had to experiment with a few mix to get the correct snow feel. On a snow themed base, Bjorn The Fell-Handed, definitely looks ready and awesome! Cheers!

St Augustine

Once a while I do get interesting painting commission project from various client, like the St. Augustine Project. Client got this St Augustine figure from one of his overseas trip. The default original paint job was not so well done at all.


I was delighted to give St Augustine a complete nice makeover. Did some research about the history of St Augustine and this project turned out to be a real knowledge and history gainer. Went through quite a few ideas and proposal for the design and colour choice with client before I started. The end result turned out more than I expected, and St Augustine looked much more amazing! Cheers!

Daemons Of Khorne Bloodthirster

Managed to complete a Khorne Bloodthirster project quite a while back. I was very pleased with the results. Started off with quite a few research and choice of colour scheme requirement by client for the Bloodthirster. The Bloodthirster as mentioned by my client, was one of his favourite miniature in his Khorne or Daemons army. The colour scheme decided was much to a typical sort of red feel as its with most demons imagined.

I had the body, wings and the whip weapon painted as an sub assembly. The body went through layers of washes and glaze followed by fine highlights. The wings were painted using wet blending techniques over many layer to obtain a near smooth gradient feel.

khorne bloodthirster

khorne bloodthirster

khorne bloodthirster

As the Khorne Bloodthirster was in a leaping sort of pose, I imagined it being summoned and it appeared out from a pile of bones. Did some planning and shopping for the base design. The base is from Dragon Forge base. I managed to get a bag of skulls from Secret Weapon. Assembled the Bloodthirster to the base, and I slowly skull by skull piled up the skulls to form a pile. Once painted, managed to drip some Citadel Blood for the Blood God paint onto the groove of the base, sort of to portray blood flowing from the pile of skulls.

khorne bloodthirster

Overall, the Khorne Bloodthirster really looks amazing and impressive, though I myself is not a fan of Khorne. Definitely a great miniature to paint that will finish with a amazing satisfied feeling. Cheers!

40k Eldar Harlequin

One of my favourite project was the 40K Eldar Harlequin. At first I thought client wanted to follow the Games workshop Harlequin jester style. The checker design would definitely be a challenge to paint, but my client had other ideas in mind.

As he was a fan of David Bowie and his Ziggy Stardust bands, he wanted a style that resemble them in the 70s 80s era.

After much research, I applied most of the Stardust band costume design onto the Harlequin troupe. The faces were all painted with the red ligntning design like David Bowie’s band.

40k eldar Harlequin

40k eldar Harlequin

I was excited about the idea and concept, a bit worried that the outcome might not be as expected. But, wow, the final outcome were amazing. Together as a unit of Harlequin, there were very amusing and awesome to look at! Cheers!

Death Company Assault Terminators and Sanguinary Priest

More Blood Angel Death company. This time its the Death Company Assault Terminator as requested by client. Just felt that the black colour armour when fielded together as a unit of 5 terminators make them look awesome.

death company assault terminators

Sanguinary priest

Sanguinary priest

Sanguinary priest

The Sanguinary Priest was a break from the black colour scheme. It gave me a refreshing break and a boost to get the brushes in my hands. The weapon arms for the Sanguinary Priest has been magnetized. The cup which the Sanguinary Priest was holding has been filled with Citadel Blood for the Blood God paint. I must say the Blood paint is interesting. When dried, it gave a wet look just like fresh blood… Hmm! Cheers!