Firepower! Ultramarines!

More fire power and strength was needed for one of my client’s Ultramarines. I got to paint up the updated new Ultramarine Devastator Squad, along with another 2 squads of 10 men Ultramarines and 5 Assault Terminators.

ultramarines terminators


The troop Ultramarines and Terminators were nothing much. Just some usual painting of the 40k finest Ultramarines.

I was excited about the Devastator Squad though. Some of the details on the marines were updated as compared to the old ones. I do like the missile launching off the launcher pieces. It gave the squad a much more dynamic feel to it. To add to the feel, the squad comes in the 32mm base, which makes the overall composition much more wholesome and dynamic.

ultramarines devastator squad

ultramarines devastator missile launcher

If only the lascannon has some sort of laser pieces blasting off, that would definitely make the whole Devastator squad very dynamic battle mode! Cheers!

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Angron Primarch of the World Eaters and Death Guard Deathshroud Terminators

Whenever I have projects from Forgeworld miniatures, I am always looking foward to it. Forgeworld miniatures are so exciting to paint.

I got the Angron Primarch of the World Eaters to work on. Assembling the whole mini diorama was not that difficult. But each of the Marines were painted individually before final assembly onto the base.

Angron Primarch of the World Eaters

Angron Primarch of the World Eaters

Angron Primarch of the World Eaters

Angron Primarch of the World Eaters

Client wanted the marines to be Death Guard, World Eater and Emperor’s Children. The result turned out to be a nice combination of colours. Applying the blood effect was exciting as I got to try out Games Workshop Blood for Blood God blood effect paint. The blood was indeed effective, giving it a wet look which make the diorama very engaging.

Next was the Death Guard Deathshrould Terminators. The Terminators’ pose were not very dynamic, but I guess when putting 5 of them together, it gave a different and better feel to it.

Death Guard Deathshroud Terminators

Death Guard Deathshroud Terminators

Death Guard Deathshroud Terminators

Client wanted the same style as the Forgeworld’s colour scheme. The challenge was painting the old rustic and wore effect on the armour. Because of the light colour scheme, multiple layers of diluted colours were slowly built up to give a smooth finish. In the end, it turned out well with 5 Terminators together, looking awesome… Cheers!

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40k Eldar Swooping Hawks and Illic Nightspear

I have been painting quite a variety of 40k Eldar for one of my client.

40k Eldar Swooping Hawks was another interesting paint job with a dynamic flying feel. Colour Scheme was requested to be the same style as Games Workshops’. The Swopping Hawks were in Games Workshops’ Finecast. Well, as usual finecast has not been the best material choice.

eldar swopping hawks

eldar swopping hawks

The Swooping Hawks were held on one foot only. Because of the finecast material, this made the miniature having a very weak shaky support when glue onto the base. I had to add pin to the leg area to reinforce the firmness when its glued to the base. However, I did not manage to snap any pictures for that reinforcement conversion. Guess the old metal version of the Swooping Hawks would be a better collection.

illic nightspear

illic nightspear

40k Eldar Illic NightSpear was another interesting and fun character to paint. Same colour scheme as Games Workshops style was requested. The challenge was painting the cloak with the star like camo design. Well it turned out well and was close to Games Workshops style.

So much for now, enjoy the pictures… cheers!

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40k Eldar Fire Dragons and Wraithguards

Painted this commission of 40k Eldar Fire Dragons and Wraithguards for one of my regular client a while back. I remembered having to design a colour scheme for the Fire Dragons. As my client’s Eldar theme was a blue theme Eldar army, I was trying hard to find a colour scheme to define fire fury with a blue feel. Finally, the dark blue and orange scheme was borned. Was still a bit unsure abut the colour scheme at first, but once they were completed, I must say they looked awesome.

40k Eldar Fire Dragons

40k Eldar Fire Dragons

40k Eldar Wraithguards

The Wraithguards followed the blue colour scheme as well. Painting white colour is always a challenge. The head of the Wraithguards had quite a few layers of watered down white to achieve a smooth finish. It always when they are in a squad, they all look so awesome, right? Cheers.

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Hello… I am still around…

Hey… it’s been a long while since I posted anything on The Painting Shop. Come to think of it, time flies, last post was like 2 years back. Anyway if you stumble upon my site, it’s still intact and I am still painting as usual. Free to drop me a message for any commission projects or chats.

Over this period since my last post, I have been continuously doing commission projects. Meanwhile, I will try to update posts for the commissions I had completed.

As for what I am into in the miniature painting hobby past years, guess I have gone past and over with Games Workshop. The love has completely dried up, ha ha. On a whole, I’ve been very much into others miniature, mainly Mantic Games’ Deadzone and Kings of War. The recent craze I am into is FrostGrave. Been busy playing and building terrains, definitely it’s a good hype and motivation to keep and push me forward with the games and painting.

Well, so much for now… definitely will try to update more post. Meantime, any commission project services needed in Singapore, just drop me a message. Cheers!

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Flames of War US P47 Thunderbolt

Air support is here for my US 7th Division. Managed to get my P47 Thunderbolt all done and ready to bomb some stuff. Painting an aircraft was sort of first time for me at this scale level. After much research for the colour scheme, decided follow the standard colour scheme as on the box itself.

The white silver body was first painted with Vallejo Chainmail Silver. Then I mixed white with Silver to sort of blend and tone the silver feel down for the body. The grooves were carefully lined with Secret Weapon Heavy Body Black wash. The red, black, yellow pattern were painted next. Once all done, I dusted with it some Secret Weapon Black Exhaust weathering powder for the fumes and carbon on the engine and gun area.


fow p47 thunderbolt

The Fow P47 does not comes with any propeller. Just the propeller tip was provided. I just felt that the plane does not look dynamic in flight without any propeller. After much looking around, I got the propeller from PropBlur. It’s a site that sells model propeller for aircraft. Base it black and glued it on the P47, and wow, the plane now look dynamic and lively in flight!

The flight stand provided was kind of short, as I felt in term of proportion to the height where a plane would attack, it should be maybe higher or taller. Wanted to extend the stand, but changed my mind after much rules reading for the game, I decided to just use the provided standard one.

Now, let get ready for some bombing for my next game. The last game when the P47 was unpainted, it did not managed to bomb anything at all. Haha, we all blame when its an unpainted miniature… Cheers!

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Ice Blue Dragon

Happy New Year! With work subsiding during 2013 Dec end, I managed to find some time and pick up my brushes again. Managed to settle for a commission project from a client. Client had this 3D printed dragon. The sculpt was amazing and the details were good as well. These days, 3D printers are simply amazing. It definitely brings the design and manufacturing to a different stage of process.

The dragon is themed as an Ice Dragon. I had a reference from client to refer to. As it’s a Ice Dragon theme, it will be of a blue icy theme type of dragon. Started the dragon with the basic base coat black. Then it is followed by a base of Citadel Kantor Blue. Once dried, it is washed with Citadel Nuln Oil.

Next the highlighting portion, it is highlighted with a mix of Citadel Kantor Blue and White, then blended to the darken Kantor Blue with Nuln Oil. Finally, at the edge of each scale, it is highlighted with light mix of Kantor and White.


Ice Dragon

The wings of the dragon is base painted with Citadel Dheneb Stone , followed by a wash of Agrax Earthshade. Once dried, it is highlighted by using back Citadel Dhenen Stone. The high areas are then further highlighted with Skull White.

Getting to the base for the dragon was definitely very exciting. I managed to order a suitable base Slate Wastes size of 150mm x 100mm from Dragon Forge base. Dragon Forge base for a dragon, definitely very cool! The base is then themed with snow. Mixed some Army painter snow with white glue and applied to the rocky base. Once done and dried, with the dragon pinned and assembled, I can feel the cold dragon’s breath! It’s simply amazing! Sure had lots of fun getting this dragon into action! Cheers!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sedition War Cpt Kara BlackWishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Managed to pick up my brushes and got some painting done just before I went on a long family gathering and vacation. Will post them after I am back from my long trip.

For the New Year, I guess I will target and push more painting done. As usual there is always so many miniatures and so little time… Haha…

Meantime, everyone have a good holiday and New Year! Cheers!

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So far so good…

dust tactics sturmpioniereBeen an exact of 30 days since I last post. Work had been busy, but things should slow down this Dec, then hopefully I can pick up my brushes again.

With the busy month and much thoughts on budget, I decided to skip Mars Attack and Wrath of Demons kickstarters altogether. For Mars Attack, I just felt it was like Deadzone with the Mars aliens. But for the Wrath of Demon, I was really tempted to pledge for it. I was just fascinated with the Chinese Mythology characters miniatures. The kickstarter did not offer the main characters in resin for pledging. The main resin characters was only available in the game set pledge itself. In the end, I made the hard choice and decided to skip the kickstarter and save my budget for whats next to come.

Before I could even hold my budget back, Black Friday sale was just too tempting. And my budget went to Flames of Wars. Had a quick 2 games of FOW a while back, and its bringing back all the excitement. Stay tuned as I talk more of FOW in the next posts. Meantime, hope as work slow down, I can pick up my brushes again… cheers!

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More Kickstarter – Mars Attack and Journey Wrath of Demons

What a month, its the last day of October already. Sigh, work has been loaded this month again and I still cant really squeeze time picking up my brushes.

Well, in the midst of busy work, I am still getting tempted with more kickstarter projects to pledge.

Mars Attack! This kickstarter is by Mantic, it hit its target almost immediately during its launch couple of while back. 12 days more to go, before it ends in 10 Nov. When it first launched I was fascinated with the Mar Attack theme. It made me watch clips of Mars Attack movie and added on the inspiration. I was already set on pledging, however, my interest sort of dwindle off recently after watching the gameplay movie. I felt that its style and such is a bit pretty much like smiliar to Deadzone or so, and it doesnt inspire me that much, even though I am looking forward to Deadzone coming soon. Guess in the meantime, I will ponder over the next few days and see how the pledge goes on…

mars attack kickstarter

On the other hand, another kickstarter Journey: Wrath of Demons caught my attention few days back. Its a miniature boardgame by a Hong Kong company. The theme is base on the Chinese mystic tale of Journey to the West. The presentation, sculpts, artwork and design were pretty impressive. I was really capture and impressed! I must say it got me hooked on, but I am still waiting for the update for the gameplay video demo, before I decide to pledge or not. Meantime, check out Journey: Wrath of Demons

Journey Wrath of Demons Kickstarter

Well… these 2 kickstarters will keep me occupied and I will definitely be trailing it to come to a decision. Hole in my pocket gonna get burned again… haha… cheers!

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