Miniature Painting Service

Do you need to have your miniatures painted beautifully?

Do you need someone to provide miniature painting service?

If you need to have your miniatures painted or any miniature works commissioned in Singapore or worldwide, I provide miniature painting service and commissioned work. I am based in Singapore and have been painting miniatures since 2001. The world of miniatures and gaming miniatures have a very wide niche, I have been exploring and painting many make and brand of other miniatures in the recent years besides Games Workshop miniatures. If you are looking for other wargame painting service or other brands and make of miniatures, I will be thrilled and glad to provide the miniature painting service.

Imagine fielding a magnificently painted wargaming General…

For my works and styles, you can check out My Gallery for the miniatures I have painted. My style usually belongs to the dirty & weathered style kind of painting.

If you are looking for miniature painting service in Singapore or worldwide, be it Games Workshop miniatures or any other brands of miniatures, I will be glad to hear from you. Feel free to contact me to have a chat, and we can discuss about the details and your needs.

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