Argh… My Plasma Gun is glowing!

I am still currently working my HQ Command Squad. Almost finishing, left only the camouflage patterns and the banner. I have a guardman who is armed with a Plasma gun. Was just wondering what colour choice to paint the plasma gun grid section, decided on a typical blue glow effect. Then I asked all my Imperial guards Plasma Guardmen all to fall in, and I realised I painted different guardmen’s plasma gun grid section different colour.  Then I wondered, what is actually the colour of a plasma gun glow?

40k Imperial Guards Plasma Guardman

Did some read up on plasma gun though. In gameplay or our imagination, I guess plasma is like a gun that can fire a jet of ray which is high energy and can almost burn or melt through anything. In reality, plasma is called dense plasma focus (DPF), it can produce a sort of ray by electromagnetic acceleration and compression. There a lot of science theory about the real world plasma technology. You can read about it at Wikipedia here. There’s also another Wikipedia entries that talks about plasma gun from a science fiction point of view, see here. It covers all the different type of plasma gun, and include my favourite X-com as well.

Whatever it is, plasma gun burn and melt stuff. In our 40k world, it gets real hot at times, and can burn the guardman himself. My next question, what is the actual colour of the plasma glow though? I think most PC games or other video games would feature plasma having a blue glow somewhere on the weapon itself. Seems like blue would feel like a nicer glow colour choice. Anyone have any suggestion for a better looking plasma glow colour?

Another thing that I wondered as well, if a weapon has a glow around it, even if you are hiding in camouflage, the glow from the gun itself would have given you away from your hiding place or so. So is it that the plasma gun only glows when the weapon is fired, or is it always glowing even if its not fired? Hmmm… any clue, haha… anyone? I will show you how to paint a plasma glow later on, stay tuned.


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