From X-Com to Warhammer 40K

Past weeks I have been hook onto a classic game which I managed to get it working on my old windows 98. Its the classic game called X-Com, UFO defence and Terror from the Deep.

Its a turn based squad level game where you deploy your men to search and destroy the aliens. Your scientists will research for more alien tech and have it manufacture to use it against the aliens. The battle scape has the basic principles of line of sight and you can only shoot what you can see. There’s morale level like 40k, your men panic when too many of your squad are down, especially if your officers are down, more of your troop will panic, sure sounds like 40k. Pretty fun and exciting though.

Anyone was a fan of X-Com? Please feel free to share your experiences and comments…


X-Com is definitely one of those classic turn based games which I enjoyed a lot in the early days. Well, I am a fan of turn based games, even warhammer and 40k are turn based games, right? Sometimes if you compare warhammer and the PC games of warhammer, I still prefer the table top warhammer and 40k. On the tabletop, its still one of the best turn based gaming experiences as well, dont you agree?

I guess nothing beats the experience where you can gather with your friends, roll lots of dice, speak like a skaven or orks during battles, shout out loud battle cries, all in the name of good turn based fun! Its like playing chess with a friend, vs playing chess with a computer… With a friend would offer much more fun and interaction experiences. What do you think?…


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  1. I’ve been a major X-Com fan from day one, and still play it to this day. If you love X-Com you should check out the creator’s earlier Laser Squad. I have it on a spectrum emulator and also a commodore 64 emulator on my iPhone. Truly my favourite game of all time.

  2. Nice to hear from a X-Com fan. Cool… you have the turn based laser squad on the iPhone.

  3. X-Com indeed rocks, one of the best of all time. Great tactical combat system, even if rookies can’t hit anything. Which is why they have so many grenades! 🙂 Add in the other levels to the game (interception management/economics/politics/research) and it has a lot of depth. It’s one of the games I still go back to from time to time.

    It’s also the basic engine (afaik – if not, it was ripped off) for Chaos Gate, which is also very fun.

  4. I love X-Com. For anyone that’s looking to get a hold of a copy, I believe Steam has a package of 3 or 4 X-com games for $10.

    Have you guys played Chaos gate? It’s a 40K game that has the same square movement, overwatch and time units. The big problem is that it doesn’t have the depth of X-Com

  5. Yes… indeed X-Com rocks! I still feel that it has one of the best turn based tactical combat system.

  6. I’m a great fan of XCOM as well 🙂
    Currently playing Terror from the Deep on another difficulty level. Playing using DosBox.

    I still enjoy the first XCOM UFO Defense the most. Unfortunately, i couldn’t get it to work on Windows Vista.

    I just love all the types of aliens as well as the researching. And the environment is also quite interactive 🙂 My fav is the mind control haha!

    I heard rumours theres going to be a redo of XCOM though.

  7. Nice to hear from a fellow X-Com fan. I am currently playing the UFO Defence. In Terror from the Deep, ya.. I still remember the mind control, and it was fun controlling the aliens…haha. Well, as for the X-Com rumours, I heard bits and pieces as well, but all these years nothing solid has surface. Cheers! and for X-COM!!

  8. Terror from the Deep is probably still my all time favourite game, alongside (maybe) Carnage Heart.

    But like you say, not much beats rolling dice with mates (esp if there’s pizza and a few beers !).

    Thanks for sharing the memories, a wave of nostalgia broke over me.

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  9. Cheers! yap, rolling dices, firing bolters, yap, pizza and beers, nothing beats that experience and fun with your buddies! I guess those who love turn based game somewhere along the line in time must sure have experienced and love X-Com!