Dust Tactic Battle Grenadiers upgrade

Yes… My Dust Tactics Battle Grenadiers finally got their upgrades. I managed to upgrade the combat knives and pouches with Victoria Miniature conversion bitz onto the 6 Dust Tactics Battle Grenadiers miniatures.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, the knives need a little tweaking and filing for the strap at the handle area. The pouches are straight forward with a little issue of clipping like I mentioned in my earlier post.

dust tactics battle grenadiers
dust tactics battle grenadiers

Gluing the knives and pouches were pretty direct application of CA glue with no problem. Once dried, its painting time. I painted the knives with a simple citadel gun-metal and wash. The pouches were painted with old citadel camo green, washed with Agrax Earthshade shade and highlighted with mix of skull white and camo green.

Now, my Battle Grenadiers are all ready, ready for assault with reloads ammo, and close combat with blades and knives… Now let me upgrade the rest of my Dust Tactic troops… Cheers!

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