Victoria Miniatures Conversion Bitz

I was searching for bitz of combat knives, ammo pouches and pistol holsters, when I came across Victoria Miniature.

Victoria Miniatures had just these bitz I needed to upgrade my Dust Tactic German miniatures. I have always felt that Dust Tactics German Grenadiers soldiers were a bit naked, with just only a rifle and armour.

Victoria miniatures is by Victoria Lamb, who is a female hobbyist with a GW Slayer Sword! Check out the some of the bitz and miniatures she carries on her store!

victoria miniature bitz

The ammo pouches came in nine pieces on a white metal sprue. There were a total of 1 large, 2 medium and 6 small pouches. The sculpts were ok with reasonable details. The only issue I had, was the pouches were sort of too close together. Clipping off the pouches from the sprue needed extra care. The small pouches posed a challenge as well. After clipping off, it took a bit of extra care to hold the pouch and file off the extra material from the cut off. I had my pouch drop a few times while trying to file, but phew, none was lost.

The combat Knives were of the same quality like the pouches. Only that the strap to the knives was a bit mess up which needed some filing and bending to adjust the strap. Other than that, the combat knives looked great!

The pistol holster was pretty straight forward in casting. The details and the sprue were ok. But I did not noticed that the pistol holster was sculpted empty with no pistol. I only found that out when I was about to use them. And to add, it was a left side pistol holster. Guess I totally missed this details when I was ordering. I wanted a right holster with pistol though. Guess I will settle for the knives and pouches.

Overall, the bitz were ok, they worked well with my Dust Tactic German which I have tested them on. Meantime, let me go finish my Grenadiers upgrades… Stay tuned! cheers!

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