Secret Weapon Ceramic Bricks review

When Secret Weapon Miniature released their new ceramic bricks a while back, I was all excited. I have always been into layering miniatures brick wall. Now that there are proper brick to lay with, its all so exciting. In some of my earlier works, I constructed brick wall using blue foam cut up into tiny brick with size porportion to the miniature. Some of my works like Kingdom Death Game Hunter and Black Scorpion US marines were all with brick wall constructed using this method.

secret weapon ceramic bricks

When I first received the bricks, they looked good already in the packaging. Each piece was well sized and equal. Each brick wass hard enough and not easily crumpled into bits, and also easy to break apart to create rubble pile.

The texture on the Secret Weapons Creamic bricks or each brick was rather smooth though, which I thought it will belong to the modern times type of bricks. Usually those old medival times or fantasy type of brick wall were more of the rough textured kind.

secret weapon ceramic bricks with dust tactic grenadier

With a tweezer they were easily picked up. Using PVA glue as if they were cement in brick construction, constructing a simple brick wall was definiately a breeze. I built a simple 3 layer brick wall for my Dust Tactics Grenadiers. Painting it was a breeze as well, going through the standard of base coating, coating and dry brushing, I did not encounter any issue at all.

Overall, the Secret Weapon Ceramic Bricks was definitely a fun building accessory to play with, especially if you are into base terrain and diorama. Cheers!

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