Green Stuff Sculpting DVD

Have you tried sculpting green stuff and end up all frustrated with nothing but a green blob?

Imagine… sculpting green stuff into masterpiece details onto your miniatures?

sculpting green stuff dvdCan you remember the experience you had first time when you try sculpting green stuff? Trying to the mix the Blue and Yellow kneadatite epoxy modeling putty, end up with all the green stuff sticking everywhere on your hands. And when you try to sculpt nothing seems to turn out right, all the excitement to model a masterpeice, but in the end, it ends up into a green blob.

Mini Wargaming Sculpting 101 DVD is the answer to all your frustration no more. With Sculpting 101 green stuff tutorial in a DVD, it will be give you a basic head start to handling the green stuff modelling. All the details and techniques in handling and sculpting green stuff are all explained and demonstrated. You will no longer feel the frustration and in no time you will be able to handle the green stuff modelling.

sculpting green stuff dvd

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At the price of US$19.95, imagine it could take away your frustration and gain skills and knowledge, isn’t that a worthwhile investment, right? In no time, the Sculpting 101 green stuff tutorial DVD will definitely give you a good head start to learning how to sculpt green stuff, and you will never have to feel the frustration again!

If you are ready for more advance techniques to speed up your green stuff modelling and sculpting skills…


Sculpting Green Stuff DVDIf you are already into basic green stuff modelling and you are always in a constant mood to challenge yourself and learn more advance techniques in modelling with green stuff, the Mini Wargaming Sculpting 102 DVD is the answer.

With the great green stuff sculpting tutorials, it will show you how to create different textures you can use to add variety and detail to your models and miniatures.


The green stuff tutorial will teach you how to:-

  • How to create Fur
  • How to create Fire
  • How to create Feathers
  • How to create Rot
  • How to create Cloth
  • How to create your own Fur Tool

Sculpting Green Stuff DVD

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Priced at US$19.95, imagine the time you would have save from all those searching of information and tutorials from the internet, the time would be better put to use like learning and practicing the new techniques from the Sculpting 102 green stuff tutorial DVD. It will definitely give you a good challenge and learn more advance techniques as well. Soon, in no time, you will be able to sculpt amazing details and masterpieces to add on to your models and miniatures collection.