Miniature Painting Workshop

Hi all…If you are in Singapore, and, if you are keen in learning how to paint miniatures and model them, mainly Games workshop Citadel miniatures, I can conduct a simple starter course. Be it whether you are a 11 years old kid or an adult, you are all welcome to join in.

For the workshop, I will provide a starter kit from Games workshop (Warhammer 40K miniatures Space Marines or Warhammer Fantasy miniatures goblins). The kit will include miniatures and small tub of basic paints and a starter brush. Other extra materials needed I will provide during the lesson.

What I will cover in the workshop will be…

1. basic modeling and assembly
2. difference between painting models and miniatures & color selection
3. basic painting skills and techniques
4. basic highlights
5. basic basing

Feel free to contact me to have a chat, and we can discuss about the details and your needs.

* Currently there is no workshop scheduled, but I still provide one to one session tutorial if anyone is keen.

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