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Welcome to The Painting Shop. I am Kelvin, just a typical guy who has made painting miniatures part of his daily routine life. As long as I have time in my hands, I will paint. Even with few minutes to spare at times, I will still pick up my brushes and paint a little. Nothing beats the satisfaction when you have your miniatures all done and and ready for battle!

There are so many types and brands of miniatures in the miniature and wargaming industries. For the past years I have always been staying and focused on painting and collecting mainly Games Workshop Warhammer and Warhammer 40k citadel miniatures faithfully only.

But with the big turn of events in the Games Workshop embargo this year 2011, Games Workshop has limit independent online stockist to sales only in EU. My alternative now for GW miniatures are now from my local stores. However, on the good side, this has made me paid attention to other brands and make of miniatures manufacturer. I must say, some of these brands’ sculpt are amazing and are as good as Games Workshop’s.

But in the recent years, Games Workshop pricing has gone to a state of madness, which I no longer feel that its justifiable or affordable for me. And with the death of the Warhammer world and many weird business strategy it is adopting, I have totally lost faith in Games Workshop and its products. But I am still following its stories and its development in the miniature gaming industries.

For now, I am more into commission painting and with a little gaming here and there. The recent focus have been on Mantic Games Deadzone and Frostgrave.

So, if you are a dreamer, a dreamer of fantasy and science fiction tales and stories, has a desire for details, loves holding a paint brush, I am sure bringing miniatures to life with colors will definitely spur and turn you on. Feel free to drop me a mail at the form below!

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