Eldar Wraithknight

When 40k Eldar released the new Wraithknight, I was thinking it would be nice if I can paint one of those big walkers. And, true enough, I got a commission project to paint the new Eldar Wraithknight. Gosh I was excited about it.

First impression out of the big box of Wraithknight, I thought the sprues of plastics were usual construct of GW miniatures. But then when I followed the instruction and assembled up the Wraithknight, gosh, I was impressed by the way the designer had the pieces designed to be assembled to create the Wraithknight outlook. The layout and design of the sprue pieces were impressive. Then once assembled, it’s even better, the Wraithknight looked amazing and awesome! Imagine I am a guardman, one of these Wraithknight coming towards me, I am gonna panic and run… haha.



For the colour scheme, as it’s the same client for a consistent army, it’s gonna be the same as my previous Wraith Lord project. Previously I used Citadel Ultramarine Blue for the Wraith Lord, which is now obsolete. I had to switch to the updated equivalent blue which is Citadel Altdorf Guard Blue. Comparing the paint, the new Altdorf Guard Blue has less blue pigment feel. I had to coat 2 rounds of it then its smooth. Once the blue was done, its washed with the new shade Drakenhof Nightshade. When dried, I began the highlighting process with my usual technique. Mixing Altdorf Guard Blue and Skull White, the rise and edges of the Wraithknight were highlighted and blended with Kantor Blue to the base of the washed coloured Altdorf Guard Blue. The edges were then finely edge out with thinned down Skull White.

The white plates area were painted with Citadel Dheneb Stone first, then followed by a watered down of many layers of Skull White. With many layer of watered down white, this will form a smooth finish white surface.

The base I used some of my old Cities of Death bits to assemble up a wreck terrain kind of feel. Once done and painted, its dried brush with Snakebite leather to give a dusty feel. I enhanced it further with some Tamiya weathering powder as well.

With all the other details and such all done up, the Wraithknight is impressive! I can’t help admiring it each time I pass by it in my Painting Shop. Now that its delivered, enjoy the Picts… cheers!

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