Eldar Wraithlord

Managed to settle one commission paint job last week, Eldar Wraithlord. Client wanted to have the Wraithlord in an exciting pose, rather than the standard stand still pose from the box. So, I imagined that the Eldar Wraithlord managed to secure some sort of Eldar relic and he is holding the position while awaiting for the rest of the Eldar reinforcement to come.

Eldar WraithlordEldar WraithlordEldar Wraithlord

Out of the box, the Eldar Wraithlord legs are default straight, I had to chipped and bend a little at the knee area, and patched with a green stuff to have it converted in an angle position pose. Posing character especially with ball joint which gives total freedom options are always fun and challenging. Managed to secure and glued it in a suitable shooty pose as I would imagined it in mind.

Though the contour of the Eldar Wraithlord looked simple, but painting it was a challenge. The rounded feel at each joint had to be blended and highlighted to give a round feel. I managed to finish with a reasonable shade and blend to obtain the round feel. The white colour for the head was also another challenge to having it in a clean perfect white strokes. I had it based with the old citadel Dheneb stone, then followed by layers of thinned Skull White until its clear white.

I painted the Eldar relic at the base in sort of a glow effect. The glow effect had its lights shined onto the Wraithlord’s feet and the surrounding. The shine was washed with layers of lightly watered Sunburst Yellow Citadel paint. Once its all done and touched up, its packed in Painting Shop packing box and off to the client.

The Eldar Wraithlord was indeed a fun project, a new experience to painting a walker comparing to a Dreadnought. Next, Warhammer Fantasy miniatures my next commission project… cheers!

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