I am still around…

I am still around. Apologies for my absence for missing any post or updates for the past one month. It has been a busy roller coaster ride for the past one month. Besides work and family taking over most of my time, I had to deal with my painting motivation adjustment as well. Well in the mid of this mood mode, there was still a commission project (check out next post) that kept me going. Afterall, it’s a client project, so there is definitely no room for any excuse but to get the project done.

When I managed to complete the commission project, I was in the frenzy mode to complete my first Flames of Wars army, before I get swamp with work again in the next coming months. And I surprised myself, I managed to complete my first Flames of Wars army (will post it later on). After my Flames of Wars army was done, guess I spend the past few days trying to figure to get a proper transport bag to transport my FOW miniatures for gaming. Still trying to decide though which transport foam and bags.

Then recently, been chatting up and messaging a lot with my another warhammer gaming group guys. They are still going strong in warhammer & 40k and really faithful fanboys. Guess they are not at all affected with what GW had progressed. Somehow in the chat, it did spurred my motivation and interest back to GW warhammer and 40k. This lead me to maybe I should pick up my Dark Eldar and try to complete it and maybe have a few games with it. Then I found out that with the recent 6th Edition, Dark Eldar seems to have a few extra disadvantages. There goes my motivation along with my wyches and Raiders. Then I thought maybe I should fall back to my Inquisition. One of the gaming group boys is doing a Sister army, and hey, I have all the Sister of Battle as well. Hmm… maybe I should dig out my sisters and try to complete it?

So many thoughts and so many miniatures, guess meantime let me figure out what next on my painting table to be painted. Cheers!

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