I show you how to tint paint tranparent cockpit canopy

In my earlier miniature painting service project Eldar Fire Prism, there was the challenge of tinting transparent plastic parts for the Fire Prism cockpit and crystals. I wanted to create a yellow tint base on my colour design for the Fire Prism. After much research and experiment, I am going to show you how to tint transparent plastic cockpit canopy.

tint transparent plactic

I used Tamiya Enamel Paint, clear yellow paint. To dilute the Enamel paint, Enamel thinner is needed. The more dilute the Enamel paint is diluted, the lighted the tint will be. Mix the Enamel paint and thinner accordingly to the level of lightness needed. Test and practice it on some transparent sprue section first before starting on the actual transparent parts.

tint transparent plactic

To start, paint the Enamel paint in quick strokes in a consistent same direction. Do not go over the painted section again, as this will create more brush strokes texture as the Enamel paint is drying up. Once dried, the Enamel paint will show a clear consistent tint.

For the Fire Prism cockpit, I painted the tint on the inside of the cockpit windows. The crystals are painted on the outside like any normal painting. Cheers!

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