German Marking Decal from Dom’s Decals

My decals ordered from Dom’s decal are finally here. Order the 15mm WW2 German markings and the SS division badge decal for my Dust Tactics miniatures. Intend to use the SS Division badge marking to differentiate the units.


The decals were packed in a cardboard protected envelope when shipped, so the decals arrived in a perfect condition. Each sheet of decal was packed in a zipped bag as well, giving another protection. The symbols on the decal were layout in a most optimal design making full use of the decal paper size. I had not problem cutting out the decals and applying them (check out my earlier post on applying decals here). They worked well just like any other good quality decals.


When I completed my Dust Tactic miniatures, the miniatures having no German marking sure made the miniatures felt like there was something missing. Now with the German sign and badge marking, and along with the combat knives and ammo pouch upgrade from Victoria Miniature I had earlier, they definitely made the German troops more realistic looking… cool! Cheers!

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