Raging Heroes’ Königsmark sisters

Raging Heroes miniatures released their new Königsmark sisters this week. It’s the Fantasy version of the Ivanka sisters. I recalled when I read the news that they are doing a fantasy version of the Ivanka sisters, I was eagerly looking forward to it. The release came faster than I anticipated, and I must say the Königsmark sisters looks as amazing as the Ivanka sisters…

raging heroes Konigsmarks

As usual on pre-order, Königsmark sisters comes in a limited edition and special pricing. Includes three exclusive bonuses, Walter their Renaissance dog, a crossbow for Gretchen and a war hammer for Brunhilde. Can’t wait to get my hands on them. The sisters definitely are very suitable for Warhammer Empire. Imagine, a female Captain, female Engineer and female Witchhunter, screaming commands down the frontline battle of Warhammer… wow! Cheers!

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