Raging Heroes’ Ivanka and her Sisters

Talk about babes and heroes, with the recent bombshell babes I just pledged, 3 more babes just jumped in, haha! Raging Heroes released a pre-order for Ivanda and her 2 sisters.

I have always wanted to get Ivanka from Raging Heroes, now with the special edition launch together with her 2 sisters, there is no better reason.

The Special edition comes with 3 Kurganova sisters, Charlie the war bulldog and different arms version. The sisters can definitely be use to represent a female Imperial Guard Commissioner. This remind me, in the Space Marine game, there was a female Imperial Guard Officer. Wonder if there is any other brand that could represent closely represent that…

Updated… Raging Heroes is planning a Fantasy version of the 3 Sisters…Wow… cant wait. Check out the concept they have on the site

Anyway, I will have to wait a while before the sisters ships… Cheers!

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