I played Zombicide

I managed to have 2 games of Zombicide at my buddy place few weeks back. I must say, it made my regret grew deeper for not getting it at Kickstarter. Even though it will be available later on, but without those special goodies, it just simply don’t feel right, haha.

Anyway, first impression of the game and its content was good. The miniatures were well moulded with details. The details were still considerable good for a board game level but not at a level compared to Games Workshop standards. The printed cards and token were nicely crafted. If you need sleeves to protect your deck of cards, be sure to get Fantasy Flight yellow series sleeves that will be a sure fit. The game boards were nicely printed as well, the only concern was the game boards’ warping and subjected to wear and tear with frequent plays. My buddy was complaining that to me that his boards were beginning to show these signs.


For the gameplay, it is a simple system beginning with the survivors first, then followed by the zombies. The survivors phase starts with players choosing to move, attack or search for weapon resources to battle the zombies. The zombie phase is controlled by drawing from the zombie deck and following a few simple rules to move or attack. The game is a lot more on teamwork and working out a plan to complete the mission and to outwit the horde of zombies. Being a Rambo in this game sure will not work, you will be swarm by hordes and hordes of zombies in no time.


In the last game I played, the scenario was like a typical zombie movie. One of the survivor managed to find some gasoline and bottle to make a molotov, which is the only weapon that can kill the Zombie abomination! But while the survivor was waiting to rendezvous with the rest of the survivors, she was swarmed by zombie and did not make it. That left the rest of the survivors to start hunting for bottles and gasoline again.

With a second attempt, the survivors managed to find the ingredients for the molotov and rendezvous together. In the end, the survivors grouped together and managed to defeat the abomination and won the game, but at the cost of another survivor. What went through my mind and imagination was like one of those typical zombie movies scenario, sure make me wanna watch the Walking Dead series… haha.

Overall, the game was a fun experience. Its simple game mechanics was good to bring killing zombie at a fun gaming level. If you are into rolling dice, miniatures and smashing up zombies, this is the game… I sure had lots of fun wielding 2 chainsaw and slicing up a horde of zombies… haha! cheers!

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