Thoughts for the week, new games, new projects

Been having up and downs, with work and life as it is. Have not really been able to find the drive to sit down and post. Besides being busy with life and work and such, I am still reading the news and following the hype of the miniature world happenings.

Past days, been pushing myself hard to get some miniatures painted, almost there. Just as I was wondering what to paint next, managed to receive some commission project which I am really excited to paint. So, stay tuned.

There have been lots of rumours here and there about the new 40k edition. After reading the rumours, I am sort of disappointed with the idea that GW is steering 40k toward the likeness of Fantasy warhammer. Along with all the randomness new rules and hype in Warhammer or upcoming 40k, just felt that things are getting too random, which make strategy play kind of useless in the games. Guess classic chess still offer the best strategy play…ha ha. We will have to wait and see how it goes when the new edition is release.

Thought I have not been playing much games, but painting a lot, and with GW miniatures price going sky high, and the embargo issue (so much for being faithful to all things GW), I just felt that I am slowing losing the vibes and drive for GW. The enthusiasm just does not feel the same years ago, sigh.

On the good side, I have been looking around and painting lots of other make of miniatures. Been also looking and considering other games system to start and play. One big thing definitely, most of the other gaming system is way cheaper to start comparing to GW. This week I had my first game of Flame of War. First thing, that struck me, it’s definitely cheaper to start FOW as compared to GW now. I am still considering whether to start, but the thought of painting 15mm does excite me though. Then another game system that been giving me second thoughts is Dust Tactic or Dust warfare. First impression was the miniatures feel so cheap plastic toy, but upon browsing the core book, it sort of changes my opinion… hmm.

Meantime, I will browse around as to which new miniatures and system maybe to get into, while I prepare and finish off some of my miniatures and get ready for my commission projects. Cheers!

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