Empire, Paint and Thoughts

I am sure now all Empire fan would be rejoicing to the new release coming soon. I guess Empire was the last thought on my mind for a new release. Sort of caught me by surprise though I have always been following the rumours about new and next releases by Games Workshop. When Games Workshop started the trend of having big rare units of monster, ghost and machines, I was thinking Empire do seem to be lacking. Well, now they are here with all the new and exciting war altar, magical stuff, knights and new characters!

Definitely lot of thing to buy. Space is a constrain for me, next would be budget, haha. My shelves are already full and my painting is slower than the releases… haha. Was thinking I might consider not getting any miniatures yet. So when I am in the mood to paint them, then I will get them. Then again, what happen when sometimes the wait is too long and the miniatures are replaced with a new version or release, big headache… haha. So many to buy, Vampires, Empire, and paint!

Paint is another new thing I am looking forward to. Seems like the new organising of the paints by Games Workshop offers a very clear directive in painting. Still I am pretty concern with the new washes or they call it shades now. On the other hand, the new colour system and scheme sort of make me feel similar to Foundry miniature paint system. I have always wanted to try that, but with GW new paint, think I will skip that for now. Meantime, waiting for the new paint to arrive at my local store to try. Guess there will be changes and style to the way of painting with the new paint series. Cheers!

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