I show you how to paint rust effect

In my earlier post, my Ogre Maneater Pirate was holding an old rusty anchor. I painted the anchor with a rust effect. Thought I show you how I manage to paint the rust effect.

For the anchor, it is painted with a base of Citadel Scorched Brown, after the usual base coat black. I am using a Games Workshop stippling brush to work on the effect from here. You don’t to use a GW stippling brush, but any suitable size old brush that are stiff bristles could do the job as well.

painting rust

painting rust

Start off with Citadel Beastial Brown with the stippling brush in a up down poking motion. Once dried, I mixed Citadel Beastial Brown with Sunburst Yellow, and followed with the stippling brush action. Finally, last round of stippling action is done with a mix of Citadel Sunburst Yellow and Blood Red. And there you have it, a rust effect with a simple stippling action. You can add more effect with dry brush of Citadel Bolt Gunmetal at the edges to create worn off rust effect revealing the metal. Cheers!

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