The State of My Brushes

Was packing up my painting table the other day, when I reflected at the state of my current painting brushes. I am currently using Games Workshop detail and fine detail brushes for most of my painting.

So far, I must say, the brushes are doing a great job and line works and details with the brushes are great too. Come to think of it, since my last post in Oct 2010 which I mentioned about upgrading to GW brushes, it was like a year passed already. Time flies when you are painting… And the state of these brushes are still good and sharp tipped. I guess it all contributes to taking care of the brushes, after all they are also kolinsky bristles as well. Nowadays usually and faithfully, I would wash my brushes with shampoo after each paint session. I guess the shampoo help to keep the bristles clean and conditioned, as they are real hair after all.

games workshop brushes

Of recent, I been wanting to the try the popular kolinsky sable series 7 brushes from Windsor and Newton. They have 2 types, the normal series 7 range and the series 7 miniature range. The different is in the length of the bristles, where the miniature range having a shorter one. I am tempted to get the 2 types to try out the feel of it.

Meantime, anyone have any experience or comments about using Windsor and Newton series 7 brushes, or difference between series 7 and series 7 miniature? Cheers!

6 Responses to The State of My Brushes

  1. I have not used them personally, but from talking to some of the more talented folks I know online, they seem to be extremely happy with them and recommend them over all other brushes if you’re interested in really getting the most out of your painting. I’ve also been looking to invest in some, but haven’t gotten myself to do it quite yet.

  2. I guess I will invest in them and see how it goes, since GW ones already is doing a great job. Maybe you should invest in them too.

  3. Hi… thanks. Actually, I am from Singapore. Will definitely check out the online store. Just wondering the difference between series 7 and series 7 miniature… ?

  4. The miniature series has shorter tips, but other than that, the handles etc, are the same size as normal.

    I have a few, but I hardly ever use them. I find the smallest sizes don’t hold enough paint to be useful (e.g. for long thin lines in one stroke), so generally I just go for a normal size 0 with a very fine point.

  5. Thanks… that helps a lot in deciding which series 7 I am going to get… thanks again! Cheers!