Kingdom Death Miniatures Review

My Kingdom Death miniatures arrived this week in my mailbox. My first word was wow for first impression of Kingdom Death miniatures. When I opened the parcel package, 2 tiny boxes sit among the bubble wrap. The two small box were the packaging for the miniatures. Its just a simple brown box with a stamp print of the miniature’s illustration. I thought this packaging design is simple but in a way it still offer a elegant and professional feel to the product. I guess among the others small company miniatures I have ordered so far, Kingdom Death packaging was most impressive.

kingdom death miniatures

Upon opening the box of each of the miniature, I was greeted with a card size illustration of the miniatures, thank you card and the miniatures itself being sealed in a plastic bag. There were postcards of the miniatures illustration drawing included in the parcel package as well.

The Kingdom Death miniature Great Game Hunter comes in 3 parts. The Game Hunter herself is in a single piece cast. The details were amazing, the facial sculpt presented a very natural expression to it. When painted, I am sure this will bring out the best in the sculpt in the facial expression. The details on her body were finely detailed and nicely sculpted too. Mould lines were kept to a very minimal, with little flash which can be cleaned up easily. The other two parts which is the slave holding the weapon is also nicely sculpted. The slave’s skinny body with bones can be clearly seen on the sculpt. Overall, the sculpt is a nicely perfected sculpt which is a very tempting miniature to paint.

kingdom death miniatures

The Kingdom Death Preacher comes in a few parts. The head, torso, arms and legs are all separate parts. There are 2 head sculpt choice, one Preacher in glasses, and one without. Again, the details on the facial expression is nicely sculpted again. The glasses is nicely refined thinly sculpted as well. I guess we don’t usually see much glasses sculpt on miniatures though. Both head sculpts were amazing, now I am spoilt for choice to use which head. The legs thigh sculpt is beautifully sculpted with a smooth feel to it. With the nice head, torso and legs assembled together, I am sure the Preacher will be a very sexy miniature. Mould line and flashes were at minimal, but cutting and cleaning will be necessary for the torso and the other parts. The other issue I have been pondering about it, is when assembling or gluing up the Preacher, the hands to the arm has a very tiny surface area, I wonder how will super glue keep up to it. Then is it too small to be pined then glued? Hmm… I guess the extra hands given seem to imply that the assembling of the hand to the arm will be a challenge to come.

kingdom death miniatures

Oh ya… I am definitely looking forward to getting these 2 sexy miniatures painted, and which one will be for the Kingdom Death contest? It will be a challenge for me. Meantime, let me think about a story for the base mini diorama. Then should I use the given base or create a custom base for the diorama… Hmmm… Time to start thinking and more stories to tell… Cheers!

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