Reinforcement, Stormtroopers!

Definitely this is one of the rumours I have been waiting for a long time. Stormtroopers! Ever since 40k Imperial Guards been released, the silent of the Stormtroopers have been bugging me alot.

40k stormtrooper

The wait is over, or not yet. Its rumoured to be in Q1 of 2012, as I read from BOLs. Just the other day, I was looking at my Imperial Guards and wondering how can I convert and paint a veterans squad. Guess the rumoured Stormtrooper kit can be assembled as veterans as well. So, I guess I will just wait for the reinforcements, instead of converting… haha. Then there will be options for specials weapons available in the sprues likely. Hopefully the kit will have lots of special weapons choice, like most of the miniatures released nowadays. With plenty of special weapons options in plastic, the room for conversion looks good.

The rest of the tanks like Hydra, Griffon, Medusa, Colossus are rumoured too. This releases will fill all the Imperial Guards tanks available. Now, or rather later, all the miniature tanks for the Imperial Guards will be completed. Which this means… more tanks to buy and I have not painted any of my tanks yet… haha. Cheers!


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