No Ammo Left

Last burst of fire! After pondering for so long, whether to give up Dark Eldar or not, decided that I needed the pain… haha. Deep breath and I fired (ordered) everything I needed from the online stores before the Games Workshop embargo kicks in over the weekend. No ammo left, now pockets are full of big holes… haha. Will have to pack up my painting shop and find space on the shelves, when the orders come shipping in around 2 weeks later.

Oh ya, at the last hour before the deadline from Maelstrom, they had some of the upcoming Games Workshop Finecast available for order. And, like Games Workshop asked, what will be your first Finecast? Now, I know what will be my first Finecast, it will be Dark Eldar Archon and Incubi… Cool, now my collection for Dark Eldar is completed as the army list I planned. More Dark Eldar to paint… stay tuned…

Feel the pain… Looking foward for my order to comes soon… Cheers!

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