Last Burst of Fire!

Past days have been having Games Workshop embargo news lingering on my mind. I guess from a business of point of view, I understand the business strategy. But from a collector, painter and gamer point of view, just felt a bit disappointed about not able to purchase GW products with discounted price in future. We will see how to get around this as things go along.

Oh well, been busy with planning what would be my last big big purchase online before the deadline kicks in today 27 May 2011 from Wayland. This will be the biggest purchase I ever make in all these years of this hobby. Another decision been lingering in my mind, should I give up Dark Eldar, since I only started with Kabalite warrior and raider… or just burn a BIG hole in my pocket and whacked the planned list and everything. If I don’t get the Dark Eldar now, its gonna be more expensive to collect in future, or should I just forget it and save money. Sigh, blame it on the embargo news, that I cannot stick to my plans to buy and paint when needed. I have ordered my outstanding stuffs that I have wanted to add-on to my current armies, mainly Grey Knights, Imperial Guards tanks and more skeletons for my Vampire Counts. The next big question is my Dark Eldar, been messing with the Dark Eldar army list since yesterday, could not decide the status of Dark Eldar… arghh… another 20 hrs plus before deadline… On oh….

In the meantime, I been looking around at other make of miniatures as well. I guess now I open to more options to other make of miniature painting as well. Been looking at Warmachines, McVey miniatures, Hasslefree miniatures, Mantic, Soda Pop miniatures and some of those other small company ones. Definitely will be getting more other make and brand to paint this year…

Need to decide my Dark Eldar fate soon, really need to get back to more painting. My Grey Knights Purifier are not getting any purer… haha!


One Response to Last Burst of Fire!

  1. Just do it. I did!

    I ordered from both maelstrom and wayland.

    Here’s my dark eldar order.

    2 x battle force
    2 x raiders
    2 x ravagers
    2 x scourges
    1 xWracks
    1 x Razor wing
    1 x Venom
    1 x talos pain engine
    Lilith hesperax
    Urien Rakarth

    And some GK and IG leftovers….. It’s a massive massive last chance buy!!! Total 450 pounds!!!!!