Refurbished Grey Knights

After too much thinking on the recent GW news and my last burst of purchase plan, need to go back to more painting to find my faith back to the Emperor… haha. Faith in the Emperor! Now back to painting my Grey Knights.

Was finishing the base colour of my Grey Knights which is a mix of Citadel Shinning Gold and Chainmail, when I got distracted and took an old Metal Grey Knight to stand beside my new plastic ones. After washing the new Grey Knights with Badab black, just could not resist the distraction. In the end, I end up repainting or refurbish my old Grey Knight instead of the new plastic ones.

My metal Grey Knights was painted like way back when I started the hobby years ago. The paint job I would say in my current status now, it’s not to what I would expect now. Decided to refurbish and so, I highlighted and wash the Grey Knight armour with Citadel Chainmail and badab wash. After that, continue with a wash on the armour with a light diluted Citadel Midnight blue wash. The nemesis halberd, I painted it to a lightning feel with a blue base wash and a thin light white highlight. The overall feel was just inspired by the Grey Knight illustration on the cover of the last month’s White Dwarf.

metal grey knights
Comparing metal Grey Knights paint job, old paint job(left), refurbish paint job(right)
metal grey knights reburished
Completed refurbish metal Grey Knights
old grey knight and new grey knight wip
Refurbish metal Grey Knights (left), New plasic Grey Knights WIP (right)

Comparing my old paint job and the new refurbish one, am pretty happy with how the metal Grey Knight turn out be. Will be following this style on new plastic Grey Knights, stay tuned…

The other thing I decided to change was the colour of the base. Suddenly I just felt that the Goblin Green base colour is like so out-of-place. Many years back, Goblin Green base colour was like the favourite colour in basing. Nowadays, seldom see this colour choice anymore. Anyway, I decided to shade the base to a darker green with Catachan Green. The results looked good as well. Now, there are lots of old metal Grey Knights in the queue to be refurbish, more painting.

Meantime, let me get back to the new plastic Grey Knights and start purifying… haha!


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