Grey Knights Marines Impression II and Assembly

After anticipating for the Grey Knights to arrive, finally I am onto my Grey Knights project. Managed to get 3 of them assembled, still working on the other 2 more with special weapons.

With a not so good impression of the Grey Knights miniatures since its preview, I wasn’t pinning much hope of how amazing the miniatures would be. Opening the box of Grey Knights marines, upon examining the sprues and sculpt of the miniatures, I must say I did develop a positive feel for the miniatures. As I mentioned in my earlier post about the head sculpt eye portion being too big, looking at the miniature I think they are actually quite ok. I guess it’s how Games Workshop painted the Grey Knights that created that feel. The details and accessories on the sprues, I must say are amazing. There are a lot of small bitz to play around with on the Grey Knights. I am already thinking of accessorizing my old metal Grey Knights with these new bitz.

The other big factor that bothered me a lot was how the bolt magazine is fitted on the side on the stormbolter, instead of the old design of a bolt rail system. Before I started assembling the Grey Knights, I went around hobby shops scouting for any possible stuff or bitz to sculpt a bolt rail, like the old metal Grey Knights. Bought some 1/35 scale tanks tracks to try to assemble as a magazine rail, but it looked too ugly. Tried cutting up some cylinder rod and assemble into a shotgun type of rail, still it looked ugly. Thought of sculpting it manually for the magazine rail design, but that would be too many to sculpt if I am to assemble more Grey Knights. In the end, decided to just give up the idea and live with the bolt magazine at the side design.

grey knights marines

Guess what? With the completed Grey Knights, on second look and impression, I think they do look great. They feel much more robust and more action seeking feel with the various pose that could be assembled with plastic parts. For the bolt magazine part, I trimmed away the extra flange at the end of the magazine to give a much straight look, which I felt it looked better. Overall, I guess I can live with the new Grey Knights design, beginning to like them as well.

grey knights compare

Upon comparing them with my metal Grey Knights, the metal ones do feel slightly smaller in proportion to the new plastic Grey Knights. The legs and head sculpt on the metal Grey Knights looked smaller as compared to the new plastic Grey Knights. I am guessing another factor maybe cos the plastic ones I have not painted it yet, which creates a bigger feel cos of the light contrast. Will compare them again, once I get the new plastic Grey Knights painted. And, looking at the metal ones, I think I will do a touch up for all my metal Grey Knights, as these paint job was my first painting army attempt when Grey Knights was first released years ago.

The other issue I am facing is also how to integrate the new plastic Grey Knights to my old ones. My 2 squads of 10 metal Grey Knights are all armed with halberd, Justicar with sword, and 1 psycannon and 1 incinerator. I will stick to this configuration for the points counting. After much planning and bitz purchased, I will assemble another 3 more plastic Grey Knights with psilencer so that I can various the different special weapons option for my metal Grey Knights. For these current 5 Grey Knights, they will be the Purifier squad.

Different options, maybe I could create options between psycannon and psilencer, with magnets…? Meantime, let me go do some checking and investigation…. cheers!

2 Responses to Grey Knights Marines Impression II and Assembly

  1. That’s a nice run-down of the new kit- on the basis I haven’t had a chance to play around with it yet, I’m starting to get the sense that GW have actually done a really good job with this. By the way- have you tried mounting the magazine on the top of the Stormbolter

  2. Thanks… Did thought of having the bolt magazine on top of stormbolter, but didn’t like the idea, as it will feel much like those old gun design used in WW1 or 2. Well, I am excited to get the Grey Knight painting started and we’ll see how it feels like… cheers!