Grey Knights Impression

Been caught up with work recently, usual still trying to squeeze time for painting. Among the busy times, guess what, my Grey Knights order finally arrived on Monday. Grey Knights, Terminators and the Dreadknights all ready for assembling and painting. Next the Codex…

I still managed to browse the codex among my busy time, and forming a general first impression so far. For a start, the miniature ranges were already a disappointment for me. I still not thought of any good conversion solution for the silly looking side magazine for the storm bolters on the Grey Knights.

With a browse through the army details, will read the fluff later on, it does feels like the Grey Knights is a bit rigid for a new codex army. The only option available is only an option for a pure Grey Knights army only. If compared to Daemonhunter previous, Daemonhunters has options a Grey KNights army, a Inquisitior base army and of course the options for allies as well. All these aren’t available anymore in the new Grey Knights codex. The Inquisitors now seem more like a supporting role as compared to previous. And where are my favourite Stormtroopers? Still no news about them… Though the Inquisitors can have henchmen armed with Hot-shot lasgun, which could be represented with the Stormtroopers. But, they are still just henchmen, not a true Inquisition Stormtroopers or an Imperial Guards Stormtroopers. I am a fan of the Inquisition, kind of disappointed that the Inquisitors are now playing a secondary role.

Then I was reading the section on the war gears for the Grey Knights. The Grey Knights are all now equipped with standard Memesis force sword. Additional points needed for an upgrade to the Helbard…. what?? All my old metal Grey Knights are all armed with the Helbard. Will the points be more or less as compared to Daemonhunter Grey Knights? Let’s count, based on my preferred choice in Daemonhunters,

Daemonhunter Grey Knights
9 Grey Knights, Justicar, Psycannon, Incinerator, total of 310pts.

Grey Knights
9 Grey Knights, Justicar, Psycannon, Incinerator, 9 Helberds, total of 275pts.

The difference is 35pts cheaper, but the new Grey Knights has other options and gear to add-on compared to the Daemonhunter’s. Guess this sort of balance out the points between old and new.

Then I was looking for the True Grit. No true grit in the new Grey Knights. And there is no +2 strength for the Memesis weapons. Huh? The Grey Knights now feels like any Space Marine armed with Force weapons, that needs psychic test. +2 strength, true grit and storm bolters definitely was an elite feel to the Grey Knights, now they don’t seem to feel very elite anymore. But on the plus side, there are other choices and types of Grey Knights as compared to the Daemonhunters. Will have to explore playing with them and see how it feels.

And now the Grey Knights can hop on the Rhino, why were they denied a ride in the Rhino in the Daemonhunters? Now the Grey Knights have access to more tanks and choice as compared to previous. I guess with the allied rule no more, there is the need to balance out the army and thus they have access to more heavy arms. With a pure Grey Knights army I played in Daemonhunter, its was a challenging army to play with. How will this new Grey Knights fair, let me build up the new Grey Knights miniatures, and have a few games, anyone?

For the Emperor!

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