Slow Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors progress

Been a week already since my order for my Dark Eldar Raider has been shipped out, and progress for 9 Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors are still in a slow progress. I am targeting to get my 9 Kabalite Warriors all done up before my Raider arrive. I think probably the Raider will arrive maybe middle of next week or so.

10 dark eldar kabalite

So far, only managed to get one painted, and 3 more in progress, five still in plastic, haha. Trying to paint in a factory mass painting method, eg, like if painting only the armour, I will go on with armour for all the miniatures, then rifle for all the miniatures…. Somehow, always halfway through the factory mass method, I always end up concentrating on one miniature only, haha. But, it is still painting and at least a miniature is done up, right? Haha, back to more painting… cheers!

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