Grey Knights First Impression, sigh…

Yesterday morning was an exciting one with the release picture of the Grey Knights’ Codex cover. I was filling my brains with excitement about the Grey Knights’ release and that anytime Games Workshop site would be updated with the advance orders for the Grey Knights.

I got my first look at the advance order for the Grey Knights when I checked the GW site later that evening. Gosh I was excited, but sadly when I saw the advance order miniatures, the excitement sort of morph into a disappointment… Sigh. All that hype and anticipation, just gone and I felt disappointed. Why?…

I was eager to see how the new Grey Knights plastic miniatures with be like, first look at them was a disappointment. First, foremost, there is a fair bit of difference in feeling from the new Grey Knights miniatures vs the old metal miniatures. The new Grey Knights miniatures feels rigid and not confident firm enough. I felt that the body posture sculpt is not as fluid confident as the old metals ones. Next the head sculpt, the eyes seems a bit bigger and the head seems to be standing out more. This made the miniature feels a bit different from the metal ones.

grey knight

Then the stormbolters, sigh, it felt like a block of metal stuck on the hands. And the bolts clips mounted on the side looks silly. The old metals one had like a rail sort clips for the bolts which makes it much better and swish looking. The stormbolter barrel feels like a block feel again, where is the double barrel look design? The design should have remain the same, having the usual bolter barrel. Sigh… I still prefer the old metal design ones, where it feels much firmer, and much like a grey knight.

The antenna power armour backpack for one the Grey Knights range, sigh, look terribly ridiculous. Feels like some sort of firefly insect, silly look.

The Terminators are still good looking though. They still look and feel the same as the old metal ones. Except probably the stormbolters, same block feel. The pose aren’t exactly fluid, but still good enough.

The dreadknight, personally I welcome a mecha, but the dreadknight just made me feels like there is nothing left to design for the Grey Knights that the designers just simply come up with a tall walking mecha. And it does not seem to fit into the Grey Knight theme, I thought… And can’t they have some sort of cockpit design for the Grey Knights manning it, must it be so exposed? One sniper head shot to the exposed Grey Knight, I think the Dreadknight is game over. The idea also resemble the mecha in the third Matrix movie, where the human were defending their home against the machines. Seems like of late, Games Workshop design has a lot of ideas “inspired” from others, are they running out of steam? The recent Blood Angels were much better of sort as compared to these Grey Knights, wonder who is the designer sculpt for Grey Knights…

After the let down for the Grey Knight advance order, I was wondering should I continue collecting Grey Knights, or I should just concentrate all my fire power at the dark side, Dark Eldar. After much calmness after the disappointment, I think probably I will get the Codex and see where it goes. Probably I will stick to my old metal Grey Knights for the troop choice, the news ones I decide later on. I was having the thought of re-touching up all my Grey Knights and Tanks as well. Touch up the highlights, paint all the weapons with a new nemesis force weapons glow touch.

So much for the excitement and disappointment, let me get into the budget and cost of the Grey Knights range miniatures and decide which ones to collect or not… cheers!

6 Responses to Grey Knights First Impression, sigh…

  1. The storm bolters are the only real “fail” I see with the new models. Somehow I need to make the barrels better, and belt feed them to a ammo pack on the back or side. The head size issue on PAGKs, well I’m not sure if the new ones are too big, or the old ones are too small. Frankly the old ones did always feel small to me, but then they do appear slightly odd in the new models. They seem to really stand out.

    One plus I see if when I get the new PAGKs, I will swap out a few of the halbreds on my old models. I never likes how they were held. They were always weak feeling. Maybe they all get the Falchions, who knows. But this release will have some bits trickle down to my aging PAGKs.

    Everything else looks great. But my real joy is in the new dex. New rules is all I really wanted.

    The Dreadknight is killer in my opinion. I think they pulled it off. The only change I may make (like the only change to the storm raven being the top turrent) is how the termie is mounted to the exosuit. I like a more 40kish mounting like the Penitent engines. Lots of odd cables, plugging him in so to speak. And I think people forget the suit isn’t meant for any type of increase protection. Let’s remember it is terminator armor. Snipers would not think that is a field day. As for the rest of the DK, I love it, and can’t wait to get paint on one. Also, I absolutely love GW taking some risks and creating new models, and the icing is, us DH players now have something unique, even though we were brought into the SM fold.

  2. i agree with you the new GK’s look a wee bit silly

    However there is a cure…. CONVERSION!
    if the plastic GK’s are similar to plastic tacticals a way to un-silly the head is to shave off the little ball at the base: this lowers the head and makes the neck guard go higher, the bolter clip can be removed and with some clever modeling a ammo belt can be built- finially the teleportes can be converted easily because there plastic


  3. Glad that you are happy about the new range of Grey Knights. I guess maybe I am so used to the old design of the Grey Knights (afterall it was my first step into the miniature world, and 40k) that the new ones does not meet my expectation. Still, I look forward to seeing it release, and digesting the codex for the fluff… Cheers!

  4. Haha, yap the next consolation prize would be conversion. Probably I could add and fine tune the miniatures with green stuff, and further more they are plastic… Thanks… Cheers!

  5. I think they failed at the gk too, but a bit more than you guys do.

    First of all… They’re plastic! Sounds strange, but it doesn’t fit with the gk in my opinion. Now there will be many people who play it, and I like having an army not many people play.

    Second… They totally failed at the face ‘grills’ (sorry don’t know a better word), they were much better back then, especially at the termies

    Third… Not enough of those awesome golden ‘inscriptions’!

    And of course all the things you all said


  6. Yap, the face portion or grills sculpt is such a disappointment. And, you are right, the detail for the inscriptions are enough though. Meantime, will wait for my orders and see how the miniatures feels and experiment with conversion ideas. Cheers!