Lego Fantasy Characters

Last few units for my Vampire Count Army, Wraith, 10 more skeleton warriors and Blood Knights. While I have started working on my Wraiths for my Vampire Counts army, thought I snapped some pictures of some fantasy figures from Lego.

lego vampire

Of recently, Lego has release mini figurines series which consist of different characters. They are usually randomly packed, and you have to feel and press the pack to guess what characters you are risking to purchase. Among the series, there are fantasy characters.

lego fantasy character

I did not want to start collecting the entire series, but I thought I would just collect only those fantasy and non-human figurines only. This would set my rule for collecting so that its more focus. So far, I managed to collect Vampire Count (series 2), Zombies (series 1), Mummy (series 3) and an Elf (series 3). In coming April 2011, there will be series 4 with Werewolf and Frankenstein to look forward to… haha. Cheers!

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