Vampire Counts Black Coach and Nightmare Horse conversion

Brace for impact! Vampire Counts Black Coach!

Had some fun assembling my Vampire Counts Black Coach over the Christmas weekend. Lot of metal bitz to file and clean up as usual for all metal miniatures. Now the exciting part was my fingers and hands did not stain of any CA super glue, only a minor drips on my thumb which I wiped away fast. All thanks to the CA glue accelerator and it has become one of the important needs in metal miniature assembling. Cool!

The next thing that was disappointing, was the Vampire Counts Black Coach box did not come with a chariot base. Is it suppose to have or am I missing it? Then my son was asking me, how come there is only 1 base for the skeleton horse. Oh no, another horse base is missing. Gosh, this must be one of those unlucky mispack box that I landed with.

Rumble through my bitz only managed to find I have an extra horse base, the chariot base is still missing. I discovered that most of the online stores does not have chariot bases, only Wayland Games have, but its a bit pricey extra for a base. Besides, ordering online will take time, like a week or so to come, but I want to finish assembling my Black Coach.

My local hobby stores do not have any chariot base as well, they happen to have 25 x 100 regiment base. Just lucky, got 2 of those to assemble into a perfect 50 x 100 chariot base.

vampire counts black coach

Oh ya, the nightmare horses. I don’t like the bony nightmare horses from the box. So, I decided to do a little conversion for my nightmare horses. In my mind and impression, I imagine nightmare horses are with flesh and skin, but with torn of glow scar and some part of the horses having see through skeleton parts. My idea is to split a regular horse miniature face and convert the other half of the horse face with skeleton bones.

I decided to use the spare horses I have from the Empire Outriders. Using a curving knife and penknife, managed to cut half of the horse face out.

nightmare horse conversion

Then I cut the skeleton horse head, from the Black Coach box, into half. Glued half of the skeleton horse head to the horse with the cut out half face.

nightmare horse conversion

Using the curving knife, dug out a groove and glues the skeleton neck onto the horse. Took some green stuff and sculpt the gaps and grooves to look like horse flesh.

nightmare horse conversion
nightmare horse conversion

Managed to convert the 2 horses, each having skeleton face on the opposite sides. Piece them up with the Vampire Counts Black Coach, and its ready to charge!

nightmare horse conversion

Not yet… still have to get it painted! Nightmares, here I come… cheers!

2 Responses to Vampire Counts Black Coach and Nightmare Horse conversion

  1. Awesome conversion!! Really, looks great.

    Have you considered to sculpt some flames on the horses feets? =P

    nice job with that conversion!

  2. Thanks… hmm, flames… just base coated my nightmare horses, will see how it goes to flame on or not… haha, Thanks, cheers!