No more messy hands with CA accelerator

The other time I read from LeadHead blog about CA (Cyanoacrylate) Accelerator and how it is so useful in assembling metal miniatures. I never knew about CA accelerator then, always had messy time with CA glue messing all over my fingers and hands. Still recall assembling my Varghulf and the Steam Tank, wow.

CA acceleratorAnyway, I managed to hunt around locally (Singapore) for the CA accelerator. Manage to find at one of my local radio control hobby store at Chinatown Point.

I tested it on my Vampire Counts Spirit Host. Needed to glue them on to the base where I have drilled holes for it.

Sprayed some accelerator on the base, applied CA glue on the Spirit Host, and glue it. Wow, it drys almost instantly. No more messy CA all over my fingers or holding onto to the miniature to wait for it to dry. I am excited, definitely looking forward to gluing my Black Coach with no messy hands and CA. Cheers!

2 Responses to No more messy hands with CA accelerator

  1. I have used accelerator for years. Although it does its job remarkably, I have also found a problem with it. It will tend to make the joint between parts a little brittle. If you use it on plastic or metal, make sure you pin your parts.

    A quick tip on appling the accerator on models. Instead of spraying from the nozzle unscrew the cap entirely and use the end of the hose thats attached to the cap. This will give you pin point accuracy where you need it not the over spray from the nozzle.