Vampire Counts Spirit Host

Oooo… Chill wind blows, spine freeze as glow of green glowing from the tombstone… Spirit Host…

Yes, got my Vampire Counts Spirit Host finally done. The 3 Spirit Hosts in a rank with a mini sort of graveyard diorama. With tombstone and dug up grave, green glow flooding the graveyard as the band of Spirit Host come haunting the battle field.

vampire counts spirit host

I wanted the Vampire Counts Spirit Host to feel like those greenish green glow ghost sort of feel. Its like the army of the dead in Lord of the Rings.

Started the Spirit Host with a base coat of Citadel Skull White. Followed by a wash of diluted Citadel Dark Angel Green. Once dried, another wash of very diluted of Turquoise (mix of Dark Angel Green and Midnight Blue). Once dried again, a light wash of Citadel Gryphonne Sepia, focusing on some of the torn cloths holes and grooves. When everything is dried, blend and highlight with Skull White, focusing more highlights of Skull White on the high areas.

vampire counts spirit hostvampire counts spirit hostvampire counts spirit count

Sure had fun painting these Vampire Counts Spirit Host, especially assembling the mini graveyard and searching for bitz for the graveyard. The next fun part was the dry brushing of the props on the base to create the glowing effect… Oooo, haha.

vampire counts spirit count

More ghost, wraith and coach to go. Let me pack up my bits and get ready for assembly. Ooooo… haha. Cheers!

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