February 2011 is Blood

Oh no… got the Games Workshop mailer today morning in my mail. Saw it was Blood Angel… and I huh?? Blood Angel? Then I read the details and gosh, February is Blood Angel month! Oh no…

Here’s why I oh no… From the last mailer I received, in January 2011 is the month for the Skaven… and more Rats coming. The guess was the Grey Knights will be in the early of 2011, but Skaven flooded the way instead. So, probably everyone will be guessing that after the Rats, it will be next in turn a 40K release, which could be Grey Knights… With the incoming mailer news, its confirm already that after the Skaven in January, the Blood Angel will follow up next in February.

With the recent rumour and leaked image of the Stormraven, I think February’s Blood Angel release will probably include the Stormraven. I guess this will be what all the fans are guessing.

Maybe GW plan is to release the Stormraven first, then Grey Knights can use it later…haha. Well… Now I know I will be having more time to save up my gold coins for the Grey Knights. But… hmm, in the meantime, maybe the Dark Eldar could use some gold coins as well… haha. Cheers!

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