Deciding Dark Eldar Colour Scheme

Dark Eldar is still tainting in my mind. Over the weekend have been thinking about the colour scheme for the Kabalite warriors. Took the Dark Eldar picture and edited the possible colour scheme for the Kabalite Warriors. Possible colour of red, blue and yellow armour shades. Still trying to decide which colour scheme. Anyone has any suggestions?

dark eldar colour

My local hobby store might have restock on Monday. If I can get hold of a box (I know online stores are cheaper, but for just one box for the contest, I will sacrifice price for immediate purchase), probably I might be in time to get the Kabalite warrior for the Spikey Bits contest. If not, I will leave it to later on after I am done with my Vampire Count Varghulf.

Meantime, let me get back to my Varghulf, Argghhhh… Cheers!

ps : finally decided my dark eldar colour scheme, check it out here, and do check out how to paint dark eldar.

3 Responses to Deciding Dark Eldar Colour Scheme

  1. Loved the blue option!
    The red one is good as well. Wich one will be more original?
    I know little about WH40K, so my comment selecting the blue option it’s only based on how cool it looks!

    Good luck for the contest! ;D

  2. can u plz show how to paint the minis with the original highlighting on the armor(the ones on the gm website), the greenish one?