One Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior standing

Yesss… finally managed to get my one Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior completed for the Spikey Bits contest.

Well, the colour choice I mentioned in my earlier post, finally decided on Turquoise colour to edge the edge of the new Dark Eldar Kabalite armour. The base armour is in sort of Tin bitz colour. Will talk about the painting and colours later on… stay tuned.

dark eldar kabalite warrior
dark eldar kabalite warrior

Managed to add some small conversion. Rolled some green stuff into a long thread like string, and string it through some skulls with drilled holes. Then I hang the string of skull head on the splinter rifle of the Dark Eldar. The idea was the Dark Eldar is collecting his prize kill catch and glorifying it on his splinter rifle.

Now that one Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior is done, I was looking at the box just now, I still have 9 more Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors to go. Still abit unsure about the weapons of Dark Eldar, trying to decide to assemble a blaster or shredder Dark Eldar. Hmm… meantime, let me get back to my Dark Eldar Codex and study the weapons…

Argghh… feel the PAIN!

8 Responses to One Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior standing

  1. Woa! nice eldar! the turquoise paint scheme looks great! The metallics fit nice together with the turquoise armour, and the conversion looks fine!

    Nice work!

  2. Thanks… yap, agree, the miniatures are way detailed exquisite. I couldn’t resist, haha… cheers!

  3. Thanks… I think Game Workshop Kabalite colour scheme, is based with Dark Angel Green, (maybe with a little of tiny blue colour) and probably highlighted with a lighter green like Rotting Flash or so. Probably you can experiment on some plastic and see how the colour goes. Do share if you manage to achieve the colour scheme you desired. Cheers!