30 Empire Swordmen horde, finally done!

Finally… I got my last 5 Empire Swordmen all done up. This is the batch of 10 swordmen I started like few months back. Now I have a horde unit of 10 + 20 = 30 Empire Swordmen, all ready for battle. Was so excited to get it all done up, I even managed to texture the movement tray and got it painted as well.

30 Empire Swordmen

Come to think of it, the progress of recent for my 10 more swordmen for my 20 swordmen unit has been too slow. Probably I need to re-adjust my timing and deadline to fine tune the progress better… haha.

After I done up the swordmen, was running through my Empire Army, I think I probably try to will finish some of my extra knights and textured some more movement trays for the 10 knights unit… Need to re-evalulate my painting strategy and deadline…


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