Another New THQ 40k Space Marine Trailer

Saw from Bell of Lost Soul site, THQ has released another trailer for the Warhammer 40k Space Marine game. If you have watched the 40k Ultramarine trailer I posted yesterday, I think this one would bring the adrenaline rush factor to about 99%.. haha.

I think the monologue in this THQ Space Marine Trailer is much better, as in, it is described in the Space Marine’s perspective, “I am a Space Marine.” I thought that was a very strong phrase along with the visual that was shown there after. It showed the power of the Space Marine where he battled the Orks, and showing all positivity sign of the power of the Space Marine, unlike the 40k Ultramarines trailer, where there are many scenes of the Space Marines are being hit.

The trailer ending portion was left with another strong statement of monologue, “I do not fight for Victory, I fight for the survival of mankind…, I am a Space Marine!…”. The “I am” statement is so strong and firm that it induces a very powerful feel of being a Space Marine. After the Space Marine said that, I can imagine and feel myself being a Space Marine and the awesome power that I will have, along with the responsibility to protect the survival of mankind… haha.

FOR THE EMPEROR! Enjoy the trailer, Gosh, I can watch over and over and feel so inspired to be a Space Marine…haha… FOR THE EMPEROR..again..haha.

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