Inquisition Grey Knights Thoughts II

Grey Knights TerminatorsSeems like the rumour for the Grey Knights is getting hotter and possibly coming true. Recently read the updated bits and news from BOLS and Warseer forum, it got me all excited as usual.

But I am still disappointed that the allied rules seems like its gonna be gone with the rumour getting more and more solid. I still recall when Daemonhunter was first released many years back, the allied rule was one of interesting unique feature of Daemonhunter that attracted me, seems like this will soon be a choice of the past, or maybe not, as there are also rumours that there are cannon fodder in the possibly new release. I was thinking maybe the cannon fodder could be the new stormtroopers? So far, there has been not much tips about the Imperial Guards Stormtroopers, since the last wave of new Imperial Guard release.

The rumour is also steered toward an army of Grey Knights rather than the focus on Inquisition. Still feel pretty mixed up about the feel of the whole thing, I like both Inquisitions and the Grey Knights. Guess whatever the new release would be, Inquisition and Grey Knights I am definitely still a fan. Come to think of it, I recall reading Black Library novels about Inquisition titles like Eisenhorn and Scourge The Heretic, usually the support that is needed is called from the Imperial Guards. Maybe the plan from GamesWorkshop is to separate the focus, Inquisition and Grey Knight, independently. For now, we all can only guess and speculate, definitely looking forward to 2011 for the rumours to come true.

Meantime, any Inquisition and Grey Knights fans to share their thoughts…?


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