How tall is a Warhammer 40k Space Marine?

A question pops to my head when I was just painting my Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard banner… How tall is a Warhammer 40k Space Marine? Seems like the miniature proportion for the space marine vs a typical Imperial Guard guardman is like not so right, right?

I guess from the fluff and stories about 40k Space Marines, they are supposed to be about like 2 meters tall after all the genetic enhancements. With the power armour and helmet all fitted on, I would say the Space Marines would be standing at a height of about around 2.5 meters tall or more slightly. For a typical Imperial Guard guardman, the general height would be around 1.75 meters tall or more slightly.

The proportion of the miniature for the Space Marines vs the Guardman is not really to scale as what would be described in the fluff and novels. Though Game Workshop has released new miniatures now and then, seems like the scale factor has not been updated. Then again, in proportion to the vehicles as well, I think its also a mismatch to scale. I cant imagine a squad of 10 Space Marines come jumping out of the Space Marine Rhino tank… haha. It will be a super tight squeeze in the Rhino tank. Let’s check out the height comparsion of the Space Marine and a typical Imperial Guard.

Miniature Height

Imperial Guard Guardman = 3cm or 0.03m

Space Marines = 3.3cm or 0.033m

Actual Height

Imperial Guard Guardman = 1.75m (average human height)

Space Marines = 2.5m (in power armour)

If compared the actual human height for a Imperial Guard Guardman to the miniature Imperial Guard Guardman, the scale factor = 58.3.

So, if we were to convert the Space Marine actual height to the miniature Space Marine height, the Space Marine miniature would be at 2.5/58.3 = 0.043m, convert to cm = 4.3cm

space marine height

I have done up a rough height analysis using a digital imaging software. (The Space Marine and the Imperial Guard guardman in the above image is still unfinished.) If the Space Marine is to be proportion to the miniature actual size as what is described in the fluff, it would be as shown from the image above. Gosh they would be big and awesome, like what would be describe in the Black Library novels. I can imagine what would the terminators be like, wa… much bigger.


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  1. i have some d&D paper scenery buildings the doorways are at least 1 inch tall, will these work with the warhammer fantsy, or warhammer 40k figures if not what size bulding do i need

  2. On the average, warhammer and 40k miniatures are generally about 1.5 inch tall. I think your D&D paper building doorway which is 1 inch is too small. Maybe you can refer to Games Workshop Warhammer Scenery ranges of buildings for some ideas and reference. Hope this helps. Cheers!

  3. 8ft is way to tall, Space Marines ca. 7’6″ 2.20m to 2.30m tall and weight ca. 780lbs. a Space Marine in Terminatorarmor is ca. 2.50m tall.