40k Inquisition request for allied assistance…

The Inquisitor stared in disbelief as the screen flickered the messages…

++++CASE FILE 14256 B:AA xF6++++
Please enter your authority code > ************
Welcome, Inquisitor.
Request for allied assistance…
Access Denied…
Request Prohibited…

Its a sad day for the Warhammer 40k Inquisitions. The Demonhunters Codex and Witchhunters Codex are available for download at the Games workshop site already. Well, its a sign that changes will come, soon or not, that another question.

The sad part is that both Inquisitions have no allied option anymore. This is left with only fielding a pure Inquisition army only. Just when my 40k Imperial Guards are ready to aid the Inquistions on any mission, they are no longer available. I guess this is a sign of change to come. Let’s hope the change is good.

I managed to download all the language versions of the Demonhunters and Witchhunters codex. There are some errata still among some of the Demonhunters PDF codex.

In the English version, which is common for the UK, US, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Norway and Netherlands, the section for the allied option is taken off and replaced with graphics of the 40k Inquisition.

In the German, Spain and Italy version, the section for the allied option is still available. The France version had a black and white cover instead of the colored one, and the allied option is not available like the English ones. I think its a mistake, probably one of the designer forgot to remove it.

For the Witchhunters Codex, it seems consistent with no errors except only the German version cover is in black and white only.

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With the allied option not available, the Demonhunters and Witchhunters cannot assist each other in any missions anymore, and also not able to request allied help from the Imperials Guards or the Space Marines. So, it will leave to mutual agreement by both gamers if they wanna still follow the codex rules or the PDF codex rule in a gaming session.

With that, I guess its also mark the end of the line for a Radical Demonhunter. With no support from Space Marines or Imperial Guards, and no support from the Grey Knights, this will leave the Radical Demonhunter having not much troop choice, except for Inquisitorial Storm Troopers. It will be tough to game with it having little troop choice and no heavy support options as well. Just when I have enough Imperial Guards to ally the Radical Demonhunter to have a game with, this option suddenly is blanked out.

In the recent news and posts on Games Workshop site, the Storm Troopers are having a new packaging and it’s being promoted again. The last time when they released the Imperial Guards Karskin, the Storm Troopers was archived under the classic collectors range. Not sure what is the future for the Storm Troopers. Are we gonna get any new Storm Troopers miniatures soon? Well, we’ll have to wait and see what’s the future for the Inquisition.


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