Warhammer 40k Spearhead, more tanks, more tanks

Wow, I was really waiting for the June’s issue of White Dwarf for the excitement of the release of the Spearhead. All those tanks really giving me waves of tank shock! The White Dwarf has the details for the scenarios for the game play, while you can download the extra spearhead formation details from Games Workshop site.

Imperial Guards Leman Russ tank

Many years ago, I did had thoughts if only Warhammer 40k can have tanks battles, that would be exciting. Spearhead seems like is the answer! The thing that comes to my mind is, many tanks, many tanks, Gosh, many tanks means more effort and time building and painting them. Another thing is, more tanks means more money needed to be spend, haha. Currently I have like 3 tanks in the production queue, haha, and 3 Valkyries to go. With the 3 Valkyries, I thought of going with the Skyfall Spearhead. Imagine, 3 Valkyries deep striking into the battle scene, and… the stormtroopers charges!…COOL!

As for the new Imperial Guards tanks, I would definitely be getting the new Imperial Guards Leman Russ and the Imperial Guards Manticore / Deathstrike. Then the other issue I would have about the Imperial Guards tanks are the track guards. I am very particular about the track guards. Without the track guards, I always feel that my Imperial Guards tanks are very naked at the legs, and they are very probe to having the tracks being ripped out in a blast, haha. So, I made it a point that all my tanks must have track guards.

Well, with the new packing for the Imperial Guards tanks, the track guards are not included, only direct order online from Games Workshop online store for the tank accessories. Well, one Imperial Guard tank sprue of accessory is 8 pounds, sometimes I feel its not really worth it, maybe I can self made with some plastic card or such. Then the other thing is, I want to have the heavy stubber on all my Imperial Guards tanks, and the heavy stubber is only available on the accessory sprue as well. Seems like no choice, I will still need to get the accessory sprues for my Imperial Guards tanks.

I read the battle report in the White Dwarf for the Warhammer 40k Spearhead, seems like lots of tanks is needed to have an edge in the game of 40k Spearhead. Meantime, let me draft out a 40k Spearhead army list and count how many tanks I would be crazy about… Oh ya, my cadian command squad is gonna fall in soon, left the heavy flamer cadian which I am painting currently… Stay tuned…


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