Warhammer 40k Battle Missions!

Battle Mission! The expansion Battle Mission for Warhammer 40K is already available on Games Workshop website for advance order. Check it out!

Read the details and rumours of what it is about on Warseer forum. Kind of disappointed that there are no missions for Inquisitions Demonhunter and Witchhunter. Sort of killed my eagerness of looking forward to it. Was also expecting maybe a release of the Imperial Guards  Hydra, Medusa, Colossus or Griffon tanks, but instead its just a updated Basilisk.

The Chimera is a new one with the new side design. Looking at the sprue at Games workshop site, the Chimera include alot of extra weapons and stuffs. It include turret-mounted multi-laser, heavy flamer and heavy bolter, a hull-mounted heavy flamer, heavy bolter and hunter-killer missile and plus two different tank commanders. Looking closer I also saw it include some tank accessories as well, like pintle mounted storm bolter, heavy stubber and dozer blade, track Guards are not included though. Well, I still need to purchase the accessories sprue for my Hellhound and Leman Russ…

The Basilisk is updated with the new Chimera side design. Other than that, its about the same as the previous one. It include the accessory sprue as well.

Still, I am looking forward to get a copy of the Battle Mission book to read, in the meantime, FOR THE EMPEROR!

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