Progress so far…

Been busy past few days. Not sure what I was busy with though, haha. Progress has been slow on works. Over the weekend, still was in the construction mood, nearly wanted to build up some terrain, but got a bit lazy.

Saw my Empire Steam Tank, black undercoated the interior and sealed the top cover permanently, patched up the gaps with green stuff. Nearly wanted to start undercoating the whole Steam Tank black, but decided not to get carried away.

So, still staying with my Grave Guards. Managed to first coat the colours of 5 grave guards and wash them down with citadel wash badab black and citadel wash devlan mud on the skull portion, still in progress. Wanted to snap some picts this morning, but my camera battery went dead on me, meantime let me get my battery charged and I will snap later. Charged my battery and snap!

grave guards progress

See if I can deadline myself, target to get the 10 grave guards done by this week. Thinking of what’s next, get me excited…haha! FOR THE EMPEROR!

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