For The EMPEROR! For SIGMAR! Charge… 2010!

Happy New Year! Cheers!

So fast the year 2009 has ended and the new year has began, sure feels like having a deep strike like a flash, and we are in 2010.

2010 will be another exciting year with lots of Games Workshop miniatures to look forward to. You can check out all the rumours at the warseer forums.

Sitting back reflecting what I have achieved painting for this year sure bring backs lots of thoughts. I started this blog somewhere the ending year of 2008. When 2009 came, I decided to be more active in this blog and push it. In a way, this blog has also push me to paint more and share more. Guess both of this goes hand in hand now. Each time, I would look forward to share with everyone what my current projects are.

commanderSo, what I have achieved in 2009? Looking back, I think I made quite a progress for my Imperial Guards Cadians. Since the release of the tanks, it sort of motivated me to want to complete my Imperial Guards. The initial idea for Imperial Guards was to ally my Demonhunters. But when GW released the tanks, I decided that I need to have full 1500 to 2000 points Imperial Guards army. So far, I have like half of the fleet completed. What’s left are the HQ, some characters, heavy weapons squads, 3 tanks and 3 valkyries.

The next big project that I completed which I am very pleased, was the completion of my Cities Of Death. I bought the Cities kits when it was released. Built one cities then the rest of the kits was KIV. When the hype about terrains came back with planet strike,I decided that I must complete my Cities. And sure enough, I managed to completed after months. The challenge later on was more to make spaces on my shelves to store the Cities. When I got it done, I sure feel like continuing to do the Planet Strike Bastions. The recent issue of White Dwarf 360 featured the Warhammer Empire Coaching Inn buildings which tempted me as well. Guess I should also include the next plan is to clear more space on my shelves to make way for more terrains and miniatures, it also means painting more so that the miniature boxes can make way for shelf space.

Grave GuardsNext, my vampires, haha. Same problem. Lured into the dark side when the vampires was released. Bought the whole army I needed. Target to complete it that year when it was released, but failed again. Pick it up this year, please with my progress though. Managed to get 2 units of 20 skeletons, all the fell bats and swarm, 10 grave guards (10 more in progress) and a vampire done. Just need to get another 20 skeletons, varghulf, banshee, black coach and my vampires Lords. Come to think it, its quite a lot…haha.

So what’s next for 2010?

I will target to complete completely my vampires and Cadians in the year 2010. Some of projects probably to ad hoc add on…. My Empire, will build my old metal steam tanks up, flagellants, Great Swords and some of the new characters. And not fogetting my Witchhunters as well, all chuck deep in the shelves and forgotton. Read a little rumour also that next year might have some Inquisition updates (its been dragging for a long while), sigh, I am sure I am gonna be distracted, being a Inquistion Fans.. The next thing I am considering to kick a little is to start on my Bretonnians. Probably a few knights or so, haha, think will take a while, haha, well,  considering I will be painting them the same colourful theme like the army book.

In  the meantime, Happy New Year! Let’s hope 2010 releases will not be so much of a distraction.

For The EMPEROR! For SIGMAR! Charge… 2010!

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