Warhammer 40k Battle Missions and Imperial Guards Stormtroopers

News & rumours here and that confirmed that next year first quarter, there will be a add on missions  for 40k. Its call Battle Missions. It will probably be filled with new missions that will fill up to whole new detailed experienced scenarios and gameplay.

Usually with a new book release, GW will release some miniatures as well. There’s a bunch of discussion rumours of what will be released (can check it out at warseer forum). Seem like there will be some new Orks, Marines and Imperial Guards release.

I am much more keen in the Imperial Guards release though. I am hoping for the new release of  Stormtrooper for Imperial Guards. In the recent new codex, there’s no picts of the stormtroopers, so everyone is speculating that they are in the midst of re-work. Been pondering whether to get the current metal Karskin (stormtrooper) or wait for the new release. I guess with this rumours and news, think I will sit tight and wait for the new release. And speculation is also on there will more new tanks for Imperial Guards as well.


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